Gardening by the Moon

Simply put, gardening by the moon is using the moon’s gravitational forces to benefit anything from growing crops to planning a romance.  The Amish have used moon planting techniques forever, and are some of the best growers.  I used the system last Fall and saw the results personally!  I wouldn’t promote it otherwise.

For beginners, we can start planting by the quarters of the moon.  Aside from looking at your calendar, here is an easy way to know which quarter the moon is in: “D-O-C”
First quarter – “New Moon” a slim crescent resembling the right side of the capital “D.”
Second quarter – looks like someone took a crayon and colored in the “D.”
Third quarter – Full Moon period of a waning moon, a perfect “O.”
Fourth quarter – the Full Moon decreases, resembling a capital “C.”
From there the moon becomes slimmer and slimmer until it disappears and turns into “D” again.

What to plant during each quarter of the moon?
First quarter – annual plants that produce seeds on the outside of the edible veggie, for example your greens and broccoli/cauliflower/cabbage types.
Second quarter – annual plants that produce sees on the inside of the edible veggie, tomatoes, peppers, squashes.
Third quarter – Annual plants that produce the edible part of the plant underground, potatoes, carrots, beets.  Also plant perennial flowers and vegetables that need to establish a strong root system.

– Andrea
Oak Cliff Organics

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