Why Organic?

Article by Andrea Bithell

I garden organically for my health, health of the crops,  and the dirt beneath my feet. 

My health

I began eating organically almost four years ago.  Before I started eating organically I was on a variety of medications: nasal steroid, rotating allergy pills, rescue inhaler, pill for upper gastrointestinal (GI) issues, another pill for lower GI issues, and a muscle relaxer when those pills failed, which they did often.  After four years of eating organically I am not on any of those medications!  Eating organically is the only thing that I have changed and can attribute it to.

Health and nutrition of the plant

What are you feeding your crops?  Well, that is exactly what you are eating.  Plants can’t extract minerals from the soil they are planted in if those nutrients are not already present.  That is why I add minerals in my bed prep phase.  Secondly, plants don’t distinguish between good healthy soil with minerals and junk food.  Commercial fertilizers are usually nothing more than salt.  So when you pick your broccoli and eat it, you aren’t getting the nutrients you think.  Nutritionally deficient crops are also more susceptible to disease and bug attacks because they are stressed.

Dirt beneath our feet

And our water source too.  Non-organic methods not only leave our crops nutritionally deficient, but they also pollute our water sources and soil, and cause erosion.  With organic practices you yearly add nutrients into the soil along with compost, and a good 2-inch layer of mulch to keep it all intact.

– Andrea
Oak Cliff Organics


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