Natinsky would be an “Unhappy camper” if community garden near his house

After yesterday’s decision not to approve the recommendations for policy regulating private community gardens for the 2nd time in two months and kick it back once again to city staff to start over, Council member Ron Natinsky was reported by Rudolph Bush of the Dallas Morning News as saying:  see full post here

“I can picture the lot next door to where I live (becoming a community garden). I wouldn’t be a happy camper even if the rest of the neighborhood were in favor of it,” Natinsky said.

After hearing this, Community Gardens of Oak Cliff vice president issues this response on Rudolph’s post:

“Natinsky:  While you sit on your hands, flipping channels, sucking on the cold air coming out of your vents, and becoming more lethargic with old age, Dallas citizens of all ages are feeling the earth between their fingers for the first time. They’re smelling the honey suckle growing on the fence, harvesting locally grown, sustainable foods that are taken into their own kitchens or a soup kitchen, bartered with their neighbors, and yes, even selling them to local restaurants to keep food distribution local. This discovery is happening to kids who sometimes don’t know the difference between a potato or a tomato. While you have the right to not want this in your own neighborhood, making it difficult for others is not right. My recommendation would be to visit several different community gardens in Oak Cliff that are thriving and making a difference in peoples lives everyday. I will personally take you on a tour, as I’m the vice president of Community Gardens of Oak Cliff. Please email me at if you’re interested. If you don’t take my invite, I won’t be hurt. But my assumptions will be true about you.”


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