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Sold over $300 in CGOC tee shirts at Oak Cliff Earth Day

New CGOC logo tee-shirtAt the annual Oak Cliff Earth Day, the Community Gardens of Oak Cliff raised over $300 in tee shirt sales!  Thank you’s go out to Jenni Stolarski and Jennifer Pickert for helping to purchase the tee shirts.  This is an ongoing fundraiser to support local community gardens and future gardens in Oak Cliff.

If you’re interested in purchasing a tee shirt, you can find them at Repotted on Davis or fill out the form below to pre-order one. The tees are made out of recycle brown beer bottles and recycle cotton.  They are super soft and feature the very unique CGOC logo depicting the elements that make our gardens grow!  See a photo below:

All tee-shirts are $17 a piece, $10 covers the cost of the shirt and $7 goes to the organization.

If you want to order more than one size, submit a separate order for each size.  Thanks!