Sold over $300 in CGOC tee shirts at Oak Cliff Earth Day

New CGOC logo tee-shirtAt the annual Oak Cliff Earth Day, the Community Gardens of Oak Cliff raised over $300 in tee shirt sales!  Thank you’s go out to Jenni Stolarski and Jennifer Pickert for helping to purchase the tee shirts.  This is an ongoing fundraiser to support local community gardens and future gardens in Oak Cliff.

If you’re interested in purchasing a tee shirt, you can find them at Repotted on Davis or fill out the form below to pre-order one. The tees are made out of recycle brown beer bottles and recycle cotton.  They are super soft and feature the very unique CGOC logo depicting the elements that make our gardens grow!  See a photo below:

All tee-shirts are $17 a piece, $10 covers the cost of the shirt and $7 goes to the organization.

If you want to order more than one size, submit a separate order for each size.  Thanks!


GICD’s Annual Plant Sale

GICD’s Annual Plant Sale — supporting our community gardening program

April 16th & 17th East Dallas Community Garden, 1416 N Fitzhugh
(at the “Asian Garden” next to Jimmy’s Food Store)

April 23rd Our Saviour Community Garden, 1616 N Jim Miller Rd

This year in addition to flowers and bedding plants donated by local growers, will have a large selection of herbs (especially basil, dill, fennel, garlic chives, mints, oregano, and others) and vegetables grown by our community garden volunteers, like peppers and eggplants.  We feature the famous Texas Wild tomato (usually these sell out early!).

WE need your votes!  Please vote daily and get your family and friends to vote too!

Please help us win money to use at the Center for Growing People (Our Saviour Community Gardens) to build accessible pathways and beds for gardeners with disabilities.

This contest includes 15 community gardens from across the U.S., and the five receiving the most votes will share $20,000 from DeLoach.  Winners will be announced in the October/November issue of Organic Gardening.

You can vote once each day from now until August 1, 2011.

Visit to view videos from nominated gardens.  GICD’s entry is next to the last, Center for Growing People.  Look for the picture below.

Weeding at the Center for Growing People, Just Greens pantry garden, at Our Saviour.

Thanks to everyone who has been voting and spreading the word. We need more support!  This has been very exciting and with just a few more votes each day we have a very strong chance of wining this much needed grant.  In these times money is very difficult to raise, and your simple act of going online to the DeLoach Community Gardens — Vote for Your Favorite Community Garden, website sponsored by DeLoach Vineyards and Organic Gardening Magazine, can make a significant difference in helping us build a more accessible enabling garden.


Visit Gardeners in Community Development at

Open meeting to discuss CGOC future, January 23rd, 1pm @ Repotted

The Community Gardens of Oak Cliff will be hosting a general meeting January 23rd @ 1pm at Repotted Garden Solutions on West Davis St.

We’re looking for all interested parties to help craft a new board that will be charged for determining the future direction of CGOC.  If you’re interested in attending, please rsvp to

TEC Meeting today to take action on proposed community garden regs

The following is the agenda for today’s 2:00pm meeting of the Transportation and Environmental Committee:


The following are the provisions proposed and passed by the Zoning Ordinance Committee by a 5 to 0 vote on November 4th:

  1. A community garden must comply with the regulations for the zoning district in which the community garden is located.
  2. For a community garden in a residential district, the combined floor area of structures may not exceed 200 square feet and must be erected in the rear 30% of the lot.
  3. Animal grazing and animal production are prohibited.
  4. For a community garden in a residential district, signage is limited to a single, non-illuminated, flat sign of no more than six square feet.

Officially, the Community Gardens of Oak Cliff will not support these provisions, as they restrict the development of new gardens in urban areas where fresh fruits and vegetables are needed most by citizens on fixed and low incomes, as well as prohibits bee production which aides in the pollination and growth of all plantings in a garden.

Veggies and Trees @ Repotted!

The ladies at Repotted have setup a great educational moment for anyone interested in hearing Andrea Bithell of Oak Cliff Organics will be giving an informative talk on winter veggie transplants that can be set out in January and February, as well as information on what seeds can be started indoors.

The workshop is on January 15th and starts at 11:00 am.

Hope to see you there!

City Plan Commission Public Hearing on Community Gardens – 12/02/10

The recommendation of the Zoning Ordinance Committee is being forwarded to the City Plan Commission on Thursday for consideration.  It would be great to have a few representative of the community gardening community present at the public hearing.  The public hearing begins at 1:30.  It is a reasonably short agenda and I would anticipate the item would come up shortly after 2:00 but there is no guarantee.

The agenda and docket material can be found at:

The community garden code amendment is case # DCA-090-003.

Thanks for your patience and input.


David Cossum

Assistant Director, Development Services


CGOC Tee Shirts Available at Repotted!

Purchase a new CGOC logo tee-shirt at the new nursery, Repotted, on Davis St for $15 dollars. All proceeds go toward current and future community gardens in Oak Cliff!

Sizes: S, M, L, XLNew CGOC logo tee-shirt